We have a responsibility to look after our planet, and everyone in it.

As pioneers in our sector, we at Vanelli have made it our responsibility to approach sustainability. This is one of the main factors that determine our business strategy. Our Vcare project incorporates our future-oriented development goals in our sustainability strategy and the present-day necessities.

We have high standards at Vanelli, which means we constantly innovate, discovering new ways to make our impact valuable and as truly sustainable as possible. We are dedicated to doing this with beauty, heart and creativity.


vanelli recycle video

Our Certificates

Vanelli fabrics have internationally recognised certifications that demonstrate their quality and environmental credentials. Our flame retardant fabrics meet the most demanding flame retardancy standards worldwide for contract and commercial applications. You can be sure that our products are woven and threaded with ecological standards in mind.

less electricty

Less Electiricity

We ensure energy efficiency using LED lighting

Less Water

Less Water

Compared to the textile industry average of 120 liters water for 1 kg fabric.

Less TOC

Less TOC

The TOC is reduved from 100% to 50% with filters installed on ram chimneys.



20% new product in collection is recycle

More Trees

More Tree

We have created a forest with 1500 trees, in order to reset our carbon footprint

water reuse

Water Reuse

We reuse %85 of our water.