Our fabrics are woven to tell tactile stories and touch emotions - here a sneak peak to some of our recent collections.

Vanelli Textile Our Stories - Graphic jungle

Graphic Jungle - playful and light

We are proud to present some of our latest stories on these pages.

Translucent shimmering and playful colours with overlapping, transparent effects are the key to our Graphic Jungle story. In this fresh story, you can find lightweight natural sheers, charming linens, geometric colour-block designs, abstract painted patterns and a playful take on mixing fancy yarns.

Graphic Jungle

Science and greenery fuse together to create new futuristic elements throughout the designs.

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Living Spaces - Focus on sustainability

Our Living Spaces collection features flame-retardant fabrics using sustainable recycled polyester yarns. The collection is built upon the wide-width and narrow-width plain, textured, jacquard-woven and digitally printed sheers, semi-sheers, curtain fabrics and upholstery fabrics. The fabrics feature inspiring, enticing designs and interesting tactile stories embedded across textiles, surface work, print and pattern.

sheer patterned fabric

Inspired by the Art Deco buildings of New York and the rhythm and beat of the textile machinery at the Vanelli weaving mill.

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New York- Art Deco meets industrial

Art Deco and building a brave, new world. Art Deco continues to offer inspiration to designers and brands, and will remain a key direction for the coming seasons. We are proud to present our new Trevira collection inspired by famous Art Deco buildings of the New York skyline. The sleek linear appearance, geometric ornamentation and the exquisite craftmanship, rare and expensive materials of buildings such as the Rockefeller Center and Chrysler Building combine with decorative and exotic fashion inspiration from the 20s and 30s Jazz Era and the Ballet Russe.

Our collection is divided into two distinct groups: the geometric and stylised Art Deco theme and a contrasting constructed and textural story inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times and the rhythm and beat of the textile machinery at the Vanelli weaving mill.

sheer patterned fabric

Transport yourself to an oasis of soft sands, seashells and sweeping dunes.

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Precious Treasures- Luxurious Textures from Nature

Feminine, romantic, lacy and delicate, this story explores the growing fascination and trend with nature and mysticism. Textiles play on the senses, with designs inspired by elemental textures and forest undergrowth. Colours and surfaces are inspired by the Earth and minerals, from carbon traces to natural contours. Designing emotion means sensorial tactility is at the core of interior decor, emphasising nature-inspired textures and organic, irregular surfaces, creating artisanal looks. Matte pigment tones provide a calming and pleasant sensation.