At their finest, durability, elegance, and comfort - Vanelli upholstery fabrics meet the strictest demands. 

Elegance, excellence and comfort

Style, sustainability and function what a magical combination! The textures are varied and use a broad palette of fancy yarns, chenille and bouclé yarns.

Because we start production from yarns - the selection of various threads in chase of the desired look.

Soft plains and a wide range of designs.

Style, sustainability and function

Vanelli is much more than a mill fabric company. Because we're flexible, we've made it our business purpose to offer a range of modern, multi-faceted services and capabilities. We can appeal to high-end fabric editor companies, wholesalers, end-user clients, furniture designers, and manufacturers thanks to our wholly integrated and verticalized production process.  

The total Quality principle that we apply allows us, thanks to qualified employees' passion and dedication, to improve the production process continuously. 

Following the same path, with constant research into the most up-to-date technologies, we know how to transform excellent raw materials into unique technical fabrics. The possibilities are endless: from weights to weaves, warp, prints and colours.

Vanelli has a range of upholstery products made from natural fibres such as linen, cotton and wool. Our collection ranges from plains and textural semi-plains to decorative chenille weaves featuring contemporary small-scale geometrics, and ornamental and floral designs.

Style & function Vanelli fabrics fuse fashion and function, comfort and performance, to meet the diverse requirements of high-traffic hospitality environments. Our fabrics are highly durable, flame retardant, easy-to-clean, and have the largest selection of eco-labelled upholstery fabrics.

V can; Vanelli offers a range of modern, multi-faceted services and capabilities to high-end fabric editor companies, wholesalers, end-user clients, furniture designers, and manufacturers.

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