yellow threads


Kommt mit neun fesselnden Themen und lässt sich wie immer perfekt aufeinander abstimmen

Pastel coloured cushions on couch
Spring Summer

In Spring/Summer, it comes with nine captivating themes and, as always, can be perfectly coordinated. Vanelli Home’s spring collection embodies a relaxed, impressionistic painting style inspired by the horticultural finesse found in country gardens.

floral patterned table cloth and plates

Vanelli Home vereint jetzt das Geschmackvolle und die Elite in Online-Shops in allen Wohnräumen.

earth toned cushions on couch

Fall Winter

Seasonals and Basics that you see here on the theme of “Autumn Nature”, That way you always have your favourite combinations and variants in view right away!

Serving as the meeting point of both decoration lovers and architects, Vanelli Home now brings together the tasteful and elite in online stores in all living spaces. Its high-quality designs welcome the old age air with its new series.

Its roof consists of the positive effect of textiles consisting of materials in every detail from each dairy.

Warming up with its plaid patterns and increasing the dynamism of the season with its burnt orange tones, Vanelli Home imagines that in autumn, the houses will feel natural and romantic, inspired by nature.

So warm and cool.

earth toned velvet cushions

Genießen Sie die Neujahrsstimmung mit Ihren Lieben, während Sie das neue Jahr begrüßen.

Christmas cushions by fireplace

Vanelli Home brings the liveliest colours of the new year to your homes. The new year means peace and a fresh start. To the best times, you will share with your loved ones.

The iconic green, red and gold colours of the new year are in your living spaces. Our harmony with nature is our wealth. Colours are in your homes with their last shine as winter enters. Also, plaid patterns draw attention this year. As you know, we focused on these patterns, which are in the fashion world as a symbol of cooperation and solidarity, in our collection.

While bringing Christmas colours to your living spaces, we also prioritize your comfort and the usefulness of our products. Double-sided products will be indispensable in your home in the new year, as they are easy to clean and create colour alternatives according to their usage areas.

A new year full of refreshment, innovation and hope await us. The best way to say hello to this is to be with our loved ones at our tables and sitting areas.

The most delicious dishes are those shared with love. Just as the tastes gain meaning in your hands, the tables find harmony with the colours of Vanelli.

Let your soul be satisfied as you enter the new year!

red and green colored plaid cushions

Dekorieren im maritimen Stil bedeutet, Farben, Leidenschaft und Stil nach Hause zu bringen

blue cushions on lounge chairs

Decorating in a marine style means bringing home the colours and style. 

collection of tips and suggestions for decorating with the marine-themed creative collection: find stylish coastal home textile products and beach accents for every room—this marine-themed decor with coastal symbols such as coastal patterns, starfish, seashells and more.

fish printed table cloth with plate