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Designing fabrics is an interplay with yarns and structures, patterns and colours.

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Designing fabrics is an interplay with yarns and structures, patterns and colours.

We are pioneers. We are always in motion and open-minded in design and collaborations. Our product development approach is powered by collaboration, curiosity, knowledge sharing, responsibility, and environmental consideration. We want to enrich living spaces with our the state of the art fabrics. Our products reflect our commitment to colour, quality, simplicity and innovation. We aim to merge aesthetics with technical perfection and functionality. 

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A continuous journey of inspiration and design

We create together

The production facilities at Vanelli make it a textile lover’s paradise. We can create and innovate at each stage of the production process, from yarns to weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing.

We never say, "this is it". Inspiring the industry means continuous evolution. Thirty designers and textile engineers are constantly working in our design studio to create miracles, products that enrich life with their visual quality, functionality, and added values. In doing so, we passionately value many years of experience, recognise fashion trends right from the start, and make the customers' wishes come true.

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Day after day, collection after collection, we keep imagining and exploring further to provide professionals worldwide with unique and durable textiles that can transform interiors into living spaces.
Telling Textile Stories

Our fabrics and collections are tactile stories. The yarns and and textures – shiny, matte, fragile, soft, bulgy – add to the woven narratives.

At Vanelli, designing prints and jacquards starts with a vision, an emotion, painted to forms and colours and transformed to art of textile with the skills and experience of our textile design team. Exploring weaving and printing techniques at every stage of the process, we challenge ourselves to create truly unique fabrics.


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