close up of pearl colored fabric


sheer cream colored cloth

Luxurious textures from Nature

Feminine, romantic, lacy, and delicate are the terms to describe our Precious Treasure collection. Light magic explores a growing fascination with nature and mysticism. Textiles play on the senses, with designs inspired by elemental textures and forest undergrowth. Colours and surfaces are inspired by the Earth and minerals, from carbon traces to natural contours. Designing emotion means sensorial tactility is at the core of interior decor, emphasising nature-inspired textures and organic, irregular surfaces, creating artisanal looks. Matte pigment tones provide a calming and pleasant sensation.

Precious Treasures

The colours that inspired this collection were whites, delicate neutrals, middle grey and beige. Elegant, softly shimmering metallics add the finishing touch. We created the fabrics using refined, techniques such as fil coupé and relief jacquard effects. Fancy yarns – grainy bouclé, soft chenille and pearly chainette yarns complete the artful textural effects.

Layering devouré prints and digital prints with foil and pearl print adds magic to transparent sheers. A graceful play with opacity and transparency is essential for this delicate story. The organic patterns take inspiration from nature’s surfaces and forms. Relief textures in tone-on-tone hues and soft florals in delicate muted pastels give modern interiors a delicate and feminine quality.

Precious Treasures

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