Our versatile and contemporary approach embodies the genuine spirit of today’s home decoration brands.

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Always in tune with the latest design trends and taking inspiration from various influences and cultures, Vanelli Home creates shapes and patterns up-to-date with your customers’ desires, wherever they are in the world. Our versatile and contemporary approach perfectly embodies the genuine spirit of today’s home decoration brands

Vanelli Home was established in 1996 as part of the Vanelli brand, a historic textile company based in Bursa, Turkey. We offer a wide range of fabrics and qualities to create various styles and offerings.

We are an in-house manufacturer means that we can accommodate small requests or supply large orders, depending on the customers’ requested needs. Our manufacturing chain guarantees that all products are produced according to the highest standards following an innovative and flexible process.

Diverse selection of ready-made

With no concession on quality, we offer a large assortment of ready-made products from curtains to bedspreads, from pillows to table clothes, entirely made in-house from the first yarn to the most sophisticated product.

yellow cushions


Whether it be bold and bright, neutral toned, plain or printed, we offer cushions that will compliment any room. Our vast selection of ready-made cushions will help elevate any space.

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Table Linens

Whether for your next get-together or a quiet meal at home, our large selection of table linens can help add that special touch to any occasion.



Our vast selection of curtains come in a diverse range of patterns, prints, styles and finishes, from light and sheer options to heavy-duty light-blocking functionality.



Soft and luxurious, our Vanelli Home throws make staying in extra special. Wrap yourself in the gentle embrace of high-quality comfort.

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Our stories

Each of our collections are carefully crafted and curated to offer something unique and relevant. We offer a highly diverse and original line of styles and constructions, taking into account the latest trends and incorporating our newest inspirations.

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