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Garden is the new going out.


Vanelli outdoor fabrics combine impeccable performance and technology with elegance and comfort. Created for function and woven with passion, the Vanelli outdoor collection promises elegance and aesthetics combined with a carefree experience.


The exclusive Vanelli Outdoor collection marks a new chapter for outdoor settings featuring all the most crucial easy-care and durability characteristics expected for outdoor use and challenging spaces indoors.

We weave our outdoor fabrics from solution-dyed acrylic and olefin yarns. Solution-dyed fibres are artificial fibres in which the pigment is added to the polymer-solvent before extracting the fibres. As a result, bright, deep and superior colours fastness over a long period, even in bright sunlight. Carrot and cucumber comparison demonstrates the difference between yarn-dyed and solution-dyed fibres. Carrot is coloured throughout, while cucumber’s colour only is on the surface.

Vanelli outdoor fabrics are perfect for outdoor upholstery items such as sofas, chairs, cushions, pillows and sheers. The fibres are naturally water-resistant and dry up very fast. Stains can be easily removed by hand using warm water and neutral soap. You can also launder in a washing machine at 30 degrees.

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Feel the marine breeze. We offer fabrics with breathable comfort, soft hand and colours engineered to long-lasting brightness for the moments at the sea or poolside. For a day on the patio, a warm, welcoming and inspiring touch. ‘See you in the Garden!’
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Evoking days under the sun.

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