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Vanelli Contract

Entirely dedicated to professionals who create and design living spaces, Vanelli Contract is an invitation to dream further and redefine fabrics functions.

We combine new technologies and creativity to always meet the highest expectations in terms of quality, design, comfort, security and durability.

Our team has become the privileged and trustworthy partner of architects and interiors designers seeking uniqueness and exclusivity.

What we offer

Quality and Design

Vanelli is committed to combining sustainability, technical excellence, quality and design, providing inspiration and peace of mind to interior designers/customers. The Vanelli in-house design team follows the latest trends and innovations while developing new qualities and collections. - Our fabrics are premium quality, hard-wearing and easy to maintain.

Textiles used for interiors need regular cleaning. Dust and dirt wear down the textiles and their added properties.

We are dedicated to providing easy-care fabrics, easy to maintain and wash. Vanelli contract fabrics present an extensive, highly diverse variety giving the user choice of thousands of designs and colours which can be transformed into numerous interior atmospheres, covering a wide range of budgets. They come in a wide selection of styles and constructions.

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Our Production

The textile production process at Vanelli is fully vertical - starting from twisting and dyeing the yarns to weaving - further to selected finishes: piece dyeing, unique finishes, pleating and printing (digital and screen) - proceeding finally to readymade products (pillows, bed runners, curtains, bedding) for hospitality and commercial projects. - The control of the whole vertical process also allows for control of sustainability throughout the production

Sustainability is an overarching priority for us - Produced to the highest environmental standards. - We focus on minimising our environmental impact. While sourcing the latest fibre and yarn innovations and textile finishes for contract products, our research and development processes prioritise sustainable choices. - Throughout the production process to the final products, sustainability is our priority: durable, last time and use, enable cleaning and care. - All our fabrics are rigorously tested, providing the ultimate guarantee for style, safety, and quality.

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From Yarns to Fabrics for Public Spaces

We start our production from yarns: for contract textiles, we use inherently flame retardant yarns. - The fibres in flame retardant yarns are fire retardant at the inherent molecular level, ensuring the neutrality, longevity and permanency of the flame retardancy properties. - Since we control the production starting from yarns, we certify that fabric is inherently and permanently Fire Retardant (IFR).

The Vanelli label guarantees that the fabric has received NO topical chemical flame retardant finishing treatment. - We use high quality inherently flame retardant Trevira CS yarns. We have been a gold member of the Trevira CS club since its formation. - For our recycled flame retardant fabrics, we also use high quality recycled polyester yarns made from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled PET products such as bottles packaging and by-products of manufacturing processes. These fabrics meet the Global Recycled Standards (GSR) certification.

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Trevira CS Fabrics

To meet the full complete requirements for safety in public spaces, the contract textiles delivered by Vanelli are inherently and permanently flame retardant. We Vanelli use high-quality Trevira CS yarns. Vanelli has been a gold member of the Trevira CS club since its formation.

As a result of the in-house vertical production capabilities, Vanelli is flexible in terms of custom colours and specially tailored textures and designs. The Vanelli Trevira CS collection is built upon wide-width and narrow-width plain, textured, jacquard- woven and digitally printed sheers, semi-sheers, curtain fabrics and upholstery fabrics.

Flame retardant fabric

Create together

Whether you decorate a hotel, hospital, cruise ship, public area or design a new furniture collection, we team up with you from the start to find a bespoke solution for each project’s specific requests as unique as your ideas.

Brief - Focal Point


Listening closely to our customers' needs, we help develop ideas into fabrics for customised projects.

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As the customer, you can select from an inspiring and highly diverse variety of existing qualities. Vanelli provides a reliable and quick sampling service.



At Vanelli, we love special requests: think of us as a flexible manufacturer, from the start of a single thread to the creation of yarns - we can customize textures, designs, and colors.

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Sample room

Vanelli provides the fabrics for your mock-up rooms to ensure that the products match your specifications.

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Precision and Testing

We ensure that every product we deliver is rigorously tested and guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Finishing Touch - Focal Point

Finishing touch

Add the finishing touch with our extensive collection of ready-made items, such as cushions, throws, and table linens - keeping your project up-to-date with the latest seasonal interior design trends.

From upholstery fabrics to beautiful damasks and patterned sheers, Vanelli’s trendsetting fabrics guarantee safety and durability across diverse environments.

Blackout & Dimout




Recyled FR



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The Vanelli DIMOUT-fabrics collection provides versatile possibilities.

We offer a wide selection of Blackout and Dimout-fabrics in a versatile range of designs and textures.


Vanelli textiles play an important part in commercial, public and domestic interiors around the world.

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