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Crafted with the latest trends and inspirations, our passion is in every fibre, yarn and structure.

Earth toned spools of thread

Our passion lies with creating new fabrics, generating emotions never felt before. Textile design is the language we use to express our creativity and curiosity for innovation.

For several generations, we put the best of ourselves in our production, obsessed by details, controlling every step of the process, searching for absolute perfection.

Day after day, collection after collection, we keep exploring further to provide professionals worldwide with outstanding and durable textiles that can generate true emotions.

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Vanelli Stories - Harmony

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Our stories

Our textile collections are where inspiration, creativity and performance collide. We embrace the latest trends, colors, and customer needs in order to craft unique and inspiring collections, time after time. Always moving forward, we believe in the power of collaboration to achieve top-notch products.

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Graphic printed fabric
Cream colored fabric

Our extensive textile collection offers a large variety of qualities, from lightweight sheers to heavy drapery and upholstery fabrics.

Sheers & Semi-sheers


Prints & Burnouts

100% Natural Fibres

Recyled FR



Blue semi-sheer drapery

We design and manufacture decorative draperies, sheers and semi sheer fabrics for every space and sector.

We offer a wide collection of decorative lightweight sheers and semi-sheers, in various materials such as natural linens, cotton blends, Trevira and recycled FR yarns, that are designed with style and functıon in mind.

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