Magical finishing touches

readymade - outdoors

Write the finishing line to your project with ready-made items from our wide selection of decorative pieces – cushions, throws, bedspreads, bed runners and table sets.

vanelli contract - readymade bed
With Vanelli ready-made products;

  • Keep your hotel up to date with the latest interior design trends for patterns and colours.

  • Add seasonal touch according to the festivities (Christmas, spring, Etc.).

  • Impress your guests by adding vibrant and bright colours and textures to bring your hotel bedrooms to life. Our extensive collection of matching bedspreads and cushions will provide an instant and glamorous transformation to your guests' living space.

  • Colour-coordinated decorative items are not limited to the bedroom and also bring the essential final touch and seasonal change in the lobby and restaurant areas.

  • Touch-up, use our ready-made decorative products to easily and quickly freshen up the interiors.

Time to choose from patterns or prints in a wide selection of colours that will keep your space up-to-date with the latest modern interior design trends. Change and vary the decorative to capture the different seasons and refresh the colour combinations.

Your hotel will be the trending topic with the patterns and colours we have created with the latest interior design trends.

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