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Our high-quality Trevira CS yarns are created to provide beauty and functionality.

At Vanelli, we create our high-quality Trevira CS yarns to provide beauty and functionality. To meet the complete requirements for safety in public spaces, the contract textiles delivered by Vanelli are inherently and permanently flame retardant. Since its formation, Vanelli has been a gold member of the Trevira CS club.

Sheers and Semi-Sheers

Sheers serve as privacy screens; they protect you from curious eyes without blocking the light needed in the room. We can do magic and influence the mood by using our fascinating coloured sheers.

In general, fabrics, even lightweight sheers, positively influence the sound in the room. As the name suggests, semi-sheers, or in-between fabrics, are somewhat more tightly woven than the fine net curtain. They are the modern alternative to the classic curtain, as they are lighter in their structure and design statement. Their effect is mainly contemporary without side blinds, and they are ideal as panel curtains or folding blinds. Transparent curtain fabrics are available in various designs, including fine voiles, high-quality etamine, robust leno fabrics, fine and coarse canvas constructions and net-like fabrics. We offer both yarn-dyed and piece-dyed curtain qualities.

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Curtains and Decorative Fabrics

Elaborate jacquards or flowing satins are excellent decorative curtain fabrics for contract use. Classic plain fabrics with beautiful structures and unusual yarn effects are also in demand. We offer both yarn-dyed and piece-dyed curtain qualities. In addition to the extensive colour ranges, almost every colour is also available as a unique colour. Decorative fabrics are used as curtains, cushion covers, wall coverings, bed surrounds, or bed heads, thus creating a homely ambience. Their shape and colour contribute to a positive room atmosphere and set accents.

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Upholstery Fabrics

Vanelli offers a large selection of flame retardant upholstery fabrics for hotels, restaurants and the care sector. They all meet the demanding requirements of contract fabrics in terms of functionality, durability and design.

A wide variety of designs, structures and colours offer a great deal of creative freedom. The fields of application for upholstery fabrics are not limited to seating furniture. However, they can also score with wall coverings and bed heads.

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