Stain-resistant finish, hygiene and a clean, fresh atmosphere have become ever more critical.

Stain Resistant

Our stain-resistant products combine functionality with creativity: trendsetting designs and colours, impeccable quality and specially engineered, stain-repellent finishing treatment we are using, finishes for a wide range of fabrics for contract interiors.

Our stain-resistant products combine functionality with creativity
Stains and dirt don't belong in this environment.

Stain-resistant finish, hygiene and a clean, fresh atmosphere are essential in the rooms, restaurants, spa and healthcare environments. Vanelli easy-care stain-repellent finish contributes to easy maintenance in public spaces. Our easy-care finish for upholstery fabrics used in hotel and restaurant environments contributes to a relaxing atmosphere by spreading warmth and comfort. 

We cover the fabric's surface with a unique coating/finish that protects the material against the penetration of impurities. Stain-resistant finished upholstery fabrics: unrivalled in cleanliness and easy maintenance. With this innovative system, you do not have to think about bacteria, dirt, and moisture anymore. 

The finished fabrics stand for long-lasting spotless upholstery. Even days after, you can easily remove stains caused by intensive use or food remains from the fabrics.

Stain Resistant
We know that antibacterial and stain-resistant fabrics are becoming increasingly important across various sectors. Our innovative processes can offer peace of mind – clean fabrics repellent to water, dust and stains.

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