Vanelli sheers are created to perfect diffusing of outdoor light into living spaces

Sheers and Semi-Sheers

We offer a stunningly wide variety of sheer and semi-sheer qualities, woven on fine natural-fibre warps as well as delicate spun-yarn and filament polyester warps. Our qualities include fine voilés, and organza, etamine-weaves, leno-weave fabrics, jacquards, fil-coupé and prints. We produce both yarn-dyed as well as piece-dyed items.

Sheers enhance spaces in multiple ways. They do the magic of filtering the light from outdoors and softening the mood. They serve as light privacy screens, protecting from curious eyes without blocking outdoor light. In general, fabrics– even lightweight sheers–positively influence the acoustics in space. Coloured sheers offer an elegant and subtle way to bring accent colours to interiors.

Sheers and Semi Sheers
Sheers & Semi-sheers

Semi-sheers are somewhat more tightly woven than fine sheers and often feature three-dimensional effects and fancy yarns to enhance textural appeal. These fabrics can be said to be the modern alternative to the classic curtain, as they are lighter in their structure and design statement. Used as side curtains, they have a contemporary look. Semi-sheers can also be used as panels or folding blinds. Due to our wide array of production capabilities–from yarns to finishes–we can create sheers in all styles and imagine the perfect design for our clients needs.

Sheers and Semi Sheers
Due to our soft spun-yarn warps, Vanelli sheers are wonderfully soft and feature a beautiful drape.

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