The nature of sound. 

acoustic - nature of sound

"Sheer and lightweight acoustic curtains can offer both the decorative value of a soft and airy look and the functional value of the sound environment improvement of the space."

"The design should be a balance between function and look of the fabric, while at the same time holding on to high quality."

acoustic - designing table
Fabrics that set the tone.

Sound travels across the air, and it reacts to the space it travels in. Materials used in modern architecture create clean surfaces that reverberate; sound waves constantly collide and reflect back and forth, often interpreted as an uncomfortable noise. Therefore sound is a top priority when designing an indoor space since good room acoustics foster well-being, communication, and output, whether at work, in a restaurant, in a hotel room or in the theatre.

The Vanelli acoustic capsule collection is built upon the wide-width and narrow-width plain, textured jacquard-woven and digitally printed sheers and semi-sheers, curtain fabrics and upholstery fabrics. With its comprehensive acoustic collection, Vanelli creates the peace we humans need to feel well at our work desk or leisure time.

Our inspirations for the acoustic capsule collection; movement vs stillness, transparency vs opacity, reflection vs absorption, natural vs constructed, intimate vs public.

We test our acoustic fabrics with the following methods; Flow Resistance (or the airflow resistance), Impedance Tube, and Reverberation Room. The acoustic collection has ISO/EN 354, ISO 11654 ad DIN EN 29053 standards and impress with an unheard-of quality in any sound range.

acoustic - weaving machinery zoom
The Vanelli acoustic capsule collection –Universe of Sound and Light— for a harmonious balance of acoustics and aesthetics.
acoustic - inspiration lightwaves

Explore the nature of sound in interior spaces.

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