We offer a wide selection of Blackout & Dimout fabrics in a versatile range of designs and textures.

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Vanelli Blackout & Dimout fabrics feature an elegant drape with a black-out performance of up to 100%. These performance fabrics effectively block the light from entering the room. Our fabrics meet the highest requirements regarding flame resistance, applicability, colour, lightfastness, durability and wear resistance.



Blackout & Dimout

Vanelli Blackout & Dimout that effectively block the light from entering the room feature an elegant drape with a wide range of black-out performances. As a standard, up to 99%, if needed, heavier black-out fabrics up to 100%, and lighter Dimout fabrics reduce the standard light transmission from 40 % to a minimum of 1 %. They meet the highest requirements to name flame resistance, applicability, colour and lightfastness, durability and wear resistance. 

During the day, this excellent fabric quality produces a pleasant diffuse light. At night it carefully absorbs every ray of daylight. Printing in matching dark colours on the back of the fabric can increase the darkening effect. 

Vanelli Blackout & Dimout fabrics collection provides versatile possibilities: plain, textured, jacquard-woven fabrics or printed in graphic or floral designs. Double-sided printing of varying designs doubles creativity. 

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Light sensitivity plays a role in our well-being. Our Blackout & Dimout collection offers a truly diverse range of finishes and looks that do what they intend to do - block out light effectively, so your guests can rest easy.
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Our Dimout collection features 99% light blocking capability.

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