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Better Future; Vanelli contributes to society with social projects.

Better Future; Vanelli contributes to society with social projects.

Vanelli believes that the success of companies doesn’t only depend on economic growth. Vanelli employees state that; they will continue to work with projects which raise awareness of the society, innovation, understanding, entrepreneurship, open-mindedness and responsibility.

Curtain Support to Schools from Vanelli Social Responsibility Community

Vanelli Social Responsibility Community determines the schools that need curtains throughout the country and assists according to their needs. Vanelli continues to contribute to education and training with the “Better Future & Better Education” motto.

Vanelli adopts that all students need to study in safer schools and feel better. So all of the Vanelli team believe that; supporting education and students will help the development of our society and country.

For this purpose, Vanelli equips schools with new curtains creates new and more spacious spaces for students.

Awareness Symposium on March 8, International Women's Day

Within the scope of March 8, International Women's Day, Vanelli attended the breast cancer awareness on "U Should Know" Symposium together with its female employees.

With 250 women employees, Vanelli always prioritizes the importance of the place of women in business life among the company values ​​and supports women employees to cope with the difficulties by constantly improving their working conditions.

 It aimed to raise awareness of female employees about breast cancer in the Symposium organized with Pink Traces Women Cancer Association on March 8, International Women's Day. "U Should Know"

Weaving Activity with Autistic Children

Vanelli organised an “Autism Awareness” event with Simbiyoz Activity Community for autistic children. Our event made happy autistic children and let them motivate themselves more.

In this event, autistic children experienced some activities with the Vanelli team all day.

The Vanelli team helped and enlightened autistic children to weave fabrics on weaving boards with colourful yarns. The purpose was; to provide autistic children to reveal their creativity.

Happy Mothers & Happy Kids

Especially the happiness of autistic children, who attended weaving events with their mothers, was worth seeing. Also, their mothers were happy and excited too because of creating and weaving something new with yarns. At the end of this voluntary organisation, Simbiyoz Activity Community briefed about autism and Vanelli team finished the day full of unforgettable moments.